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We learn, but we have a lot of fun and laugh along the way!  


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The Zen Equestrian

Using the tools of mindfulness to help riders achieve whatever it is they wish to in this sport. Working with all disciplines, ages, and skill level.

It is normal to struggle with burnout, exhaustion, stress, anxiety; we take a moment to reset. Some lessons are focused more on the body alignment portion, others on the mindfulness techniques. 

Learning to process fear outside of the saddle so that we can achieve that balance back in the saddle. 

My mission is to help riders no matter skill level develop mindfulness in and out of the saddle. Being present so they can feel empowered and intentional about their decisions. 



Using the mindfulness techniques we assess the goals of the rider and then connect to their bodies. How they feel in their body while with their horse, where they hold tension. 
We then develop a plan and do some breath work, intention setting, and other practices that bring us more into being.

Combining the body awareness and alignment of yoga, along with the fundamentals of riding, the Yoga For Equestrians session teaches riders how to be more aware of their own bodies in order to positively influence their horse. This is available to riders of all experience levels and disciplines, and previous knowledge of yoga is not necessary to understand the concepts and benefits.


Through breathwork, yoga postures, and stretching exercises, areas of stiffness and weakness are identified,  and from there we work to release tension in order to communicate with their horse:

> Yoga breathing techniques develop a harmonious rhythm with the horse

> Exercises focused on the core improve balance and control of the aids

> Yoga opens the hips to help achieve a deeper seat for greater stability in the saddle

> Yoga stretches and lengthens the quadriceps for improved leg contact, encouraging gentle communication and a suppled horse

> Yoga releases the chest, shoulders, and neck for fluid arms and hands, improving self-carriage and encouraging a fluid connection to  the horse’s mouth

Not to mention it's a ton of fun! Join us to find out how yoga can improve your ride! 


Well This Gets Personal- My Journey

I aim to be as open and honest with my students as possible so here is my whole story. It is a lot so if you don't read it all I don't blame you.

It all began when I was born... just kidding moving forward.
I began riding when I was 4 years old at a pony camp. I was not that carefree rider, all I knew was I loved horses but I was PETRIFIED. I kept taking lessons and got my own pony who was half pony half demon so really full demon. He trampled me, so that didn't really help much but he was cute.

At 12 I got my first job working at a competitive show barn. I LOVED it, however, the atmosphere was not good for my anxiety; but of course as a child I didn't know that I just thought I was a terrible rider. I stuck with it though because I loved the horses.

I showed around in the local circuit making it to a couple A-rated shows. I never did very well and always ended up with broken bones. So not the most naturally talented.

I got to college and was on the school team, I made it to captain but the coach was so ruthlessly mean to myself and the girls I finally had enough and quit. - This is where my journey truly began and honestly was the best decision I made.
I moved to a barn where the people were kind and supportive and it completely changed my journey. All of a sudden I was excelling and my fear was melting. They asked me to teach at this barn, still a show barn but a totally different atmosphere. 

From there I started to find trainers like Lynn Palm, Kiera Wilson, and even made my way to Belgium as a working student. I found my true nature working with anxious horses and riders. I loved helping nervous horses excel and really found I had a knack for it. I also loved helping nervous riders, helping them excel in their show career. 

After my Mom passed I needed to take a break to figure out my mental health. I discovered yoga and mindfulness and realized I needed to put my mental health first. I took a 2 year break, getting certified in yoga and meditation and dedicating myself to my healing journey.

Now GMD Training is solely dedicated to being authentic. I truly believe that I have learned so much along the way and love to share my knowledge to help others progress but I still get nervous and old thoughts creep in. Flaws are apart of the program.

I am not a  "traditional" teacher and hope to bring forward the mindfulness first and foremost and attract the most accepting students. I am very excited and hope you will join me on this journey. 

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