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I am Gabby your meditation coach. Meditation has made a profound difference in my life and it is such a gift to be able to share it with you. Some things about me; I value humor and keeping meditation down to earth. I think it is important to make it fit in with your lifestyle.

Certifications: RYT 200 trauma informed, Yoga Nidra, Breathwork, Somahealing, bachelors in finance.

A Typical Session

A typical session: First, we decide your goals and what you would like to work towards. From there we decide the best plan of meditation. We go through a guided meditation and then have time to reflect on what came up. When you coach with me you also get access to my online meditation platform so between sessions you can use unlimited guided meditation. 

What clients are saying:

"Life changing"


"I have never felt such a deep state of relaxation"

"I've been sleeping better than I ever have" 

"Thank you. I so enjoy your teaching. You are a blessing."

Why use a meditation coach?

Do you ever wonder how much time your stress is taking from you? Losing sleep due to overthinking? 

Maybe you have a specific goal you are working towards. Coaching helps you dive deeper and enhance your experience. Clients receive greater insights and clarity within their professional and personal lives. 

Using a coach takes it one step further, when using a coach we take a deep dive and gain profound insights into the thoughts and habits that are holding us back. With coaching, we focus on specific goals and work towards the individuals needs. 


Do you have a specific goal you want help visualizing and meditating towards? Do you want to feel a deeper sense of relaxation and connection? 


In between coaching sessions you receive a custom plan that fits your lifestyle to get you on your way to meditating. There is no need to sit for an hour a day, this is meditation done practically!


Sessions are 30, 45 or 60 minutes at a time.

"When I started using a meditation coach my practice completely shifted, the support of a guide helped me develop greater insight and work towards goals in my professional and personal life. "

Don't see a time you need? Send me an email and we will make something work for you!

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