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2022 Out With Goals in With Intention

When I decided to come back to training horses and people I realized that in order to avoid burnout and following "fads" I needed to get very sure of my why and wow does that change everything. So here I share the whole process.

My Why for training: Show riders the joy of being present with their horses. Help riders become happier and find solutions to their areas of feeling “stuck”. All while creating a community of empowered and mindful riders.

My personal why: Creating a more joyful and mindful life.

Intention for 2022: Mindfulness and fun.

I know I said out with goals but I was just kind of kidding.

Now if I were to set my goals around that I have a map for the kind of life I want to lead. I can look at my goals and decide if they fit in with what I truly hope to achieve.

I originally had showing new horses on my goal list but I looked at all of the other things I had to do and realized that something had to go. When looking at my why and intentions I realized that showing takes away from my priorities. Now, if I thought showing was the world’s most fun thing then that would be different. I personally enjoy showing but it is not always the MOST fun for me, and sometimes truth be told sounds like kind of a headache *gasp! (If you know me you already know that LOL)

This year to keep things simple for myself I decided to create goals monthly.

Hey I’m really putting it all out there, it will keep me accountable and I truly believe the Universe listens when you speak loudly.

Maybe I will publish my goals each month, and you can send me your why, intention and goals to share on the Equestrian Intention Podcast! Or you can bust my ... if I don't accomplish one.

So my January Goals are as follows:


  • 1 more online mindfulness client

  • Get journal into 1 distributor

Personal: OK I lied I’m not putting it ALL out there.


  • Somahealing course beginning 1/25

  • Finish Harmony Horsemanship course

When I look at these goals for the month I feel challenged enough but also not overwhelmed. I also feel 0 anxiety about if it is right because I meditated, checked in with myself and moved forward with purpose.

You can get meditations on my podcast Rolling My Third Eye!

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