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3 Things to Better Your Ride

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

I have been asked to share the 3 best positions to do right before you ride. When I really thought about this I realized that stretching physically was not the most important.

I suggest doing a physical practice once a day but before you ride I truly feel as though getting into the right mindset is the most important.

1) Alternate Nostril Breathing

Find a quiet place, even if it is in the bathroom at a horse show and practice alternate nostril breathing. I suggest adding meditation as well, but if all you have time for is the breathing than that still works wonders on the nervous system and will definitely show in your ride..

2) Back against a wall

For those that ride with me they know how much I stress the core. The core is fun to talk about but are we actually using it? This trick will help you keep those abs engaged during your ride.

Taking your heel about 2 inches from the wall, standing directly against it, try and get your lower back to touch the wall by tucking your pelvis towards your belly button, while keeping your shoulders back. Instantly you should feel ab engagement and this is the feeling you want to hold onto while you ride.

3) Forward Fold

Wide legged or with your feet hip distance apart. Take an inhale through your nose and then a large exhale with a sigh through your mouth. This position induces relaxation and will set you up for a strong ride.

Always remember why we ride in the first place and have fun!

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