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Are you Nagging?

Remember when your parents would ask you to do something and then before you could even get up to get it done they were yelling at you to do it?

If not you were a star child and congratulations!

What does nagging with your aids mean?

We hear "more leg" all the time and this can be very true but could you potentially be micromanaging your horse? If you never give your horse a chance to respond to your aids you are essentially training them to need more and more. Ask yourself honestly are you asking your horse for more with your legs every step? Are you playing with your hands constantly?

Wouldn't it be nice if you asked once and they listened? Well, that is a reality when we get them tuned in to our ques. If we are constantly moving our hands and legs they don't really get a chance to listen to either. We can all be "quiet riders".

It would be like calling and texting a friend at the same time, guaranteed they would get overwhelmed.

Our horses are training us every day and yoga gives us the tools to listen. When we slow down and strengthen our core so that we can balance on our own without relying on our hands we can start to use more educated ques. Pay attention in the saddle and see if every step you are doing something with your body. Can you ask your horse to trot and then allow them? Can you keep your hands still and balanced? Quiet hands are one of the best indicators of a strong core.

We all need a reminder to do a little less in the saddle sometimes. Release of pressure = reward, never forget the reward.

Try some yoga moves to see where your balance is and focus on strengthening that core. Slow your ride down and go back to the basics to give yourself a check-up.

Most importantly stay happy and enjoy your horse!

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