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Boundaries for Equestrians

Boundaries are crucial for improving self esteem and preventing burnout!

1) To start create at least one self care routine that is non negotiable.

2) Meditate in the morning for even 5 minutes.

3) Say no to people that drain you and make you feel terrible.

4) Write a list of non-negotiable things you need in life, work, horses, and people. For instance a peaceful and kind work environment leads many decisions I make when teaching at barns. What is important to you? Make it for every area of life.

Boundaries can look like saying no to getting on a horse you don’t feel safe getting on. Saying no to things that don’t make you feel comfortable. Having one day a week that you sleep in and don’t go near the barn maybe more!! Putting boundaries around social media. Whatever the boundaries may be to you, they are different for everyone!

When we put up boundaries we are telling ourselves that we can protect ourselves.

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