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Creating Habits with Compassion

Updated: May 6, 2020

Habits are responsible for 95% of the things that you do. That is huge! Habits are subconscious though, so 95% of the things that you do are subconscious. Let that sink in.

Habits have been ingrained into the brain over time and they control most of the actions we make. Do you have a friend that is ALWAYS late? At this point that is not even their conscious fault, they have created a habit of never having enough time to get ready. They are not doing this deliberately anymore. Or a large one that people struggle with is sticking to a healthy lifestyle, skipping that yoga session has become a habit, that is all. So how do we make sure that we are creating healthy/productive habits?

We must practice self-compassion throughout this process. Everyone has a wise compassionate soul within them that we must tap into. Habits are like meditation, if you hold too tight, it will try to rebel, if you give it too much room then it gets out of control. You can't be overly rigid just like yoga. This is a long term relationship you have plenty of time.

First, let's build confidence in following your decisions. Make your goals very small and achievable to begin, set one intention for the day. Maybe even just meditate for 5 minutes. You have to build your confidence in sticking to things. If you constantly set too high of goals you will get in the habit of saying, "not today" or a failing habit.

So if you set goals that seem easy, you think "Oh I can do that today" then your confidence in yourself gets higher and you get in the habit of actually creating healthy habits. Throughout this process creating a habit of being kind to yourself will have an even greater effect on choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Visualization is a very effective tool for creating habits, you can find more on that in my blog,

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