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Creating Presence Rituals

We have spoken about how to stay present while riding through breathing exercises and yoga but how do we really get the mind into the zone to do that?

After reading The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer he suggests doing presence checks throughout your day. Before you start driving, mundane things that you do everyday pick one that you will make a reminder to be present. Remind yourself that you are in this massive spinning planet, and be mindfully aware that you are here.

I started to notice that I do this before I ride, without noticing it even if I am in a rush every time I zip up my boots I come into this place of presence. This has become my sort of ritual that keeps me centered in the saddle even if everything around me is hectic. It is one thing that I will be doing every time before I ride and the second those boots go on it is like I am in my zone.

I recommend picking something that you do every time before you ride and making that your presence check. Right before you step foot in the stirrup or even start grooming your horse it is the activity that brings completely into your practice of riding. View riding like a dance and when you are there you flow.

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