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Everyone Can Do Yoga!

Lately I have been hearing a lot of concerns of why people can not participate in yoga. Well truth is yoga is beneficial for everyone no matter your physical ability.

Not flexible? Well funny thing, that is why people use yoga. No one knows how to play basketball before they learn..... your body will thank you. Go to a yoga class and experience the benefits it has, no matter your physical restrictions.

Not calm?

Well then you are a prime candidate for yoga. Yoga is not about being perfect, no one could do it then! Yoga is about helping bringing peace of mind and physical wellness, what else could you ask for?

No energy? Yoga can increase your energy and help your body move, and you can do your own pace to make it as beneficial as you need it.

Too easy? You can also make yoga challenge you, yoga can be one of the hardest physical practices when practiced correctly. Again the best thing about yoga is it for everyone's own needs so speak to your teacher and tell them what your goals are with yoga.

Fear of judgement? Most yoga teachers are here to practice kindness, we all started somewhere and we are happy to see students showing up and trying. What is important is that you are there. Chances are everyone in the class is handling their own internal struggles and focusing on themselves. The point of yoga is to bring attention inward and working towards of non judgement of yourself and others. Doesn't that sound nice?

Don't have time? Just like anything yoga is important to make time for. Even if it is just once a week, I promise once you start reaping the benefits of yoga you will want to make time for it. Yoga clears our minds mentally which can add "time" to our day because we can think more clearly and become more focused at work.

Come and try a class to find out! You can always start with a private and see what you think:)

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