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Hello Meditation Goodbye Murder

The power of the collective conscious when meditating together. There is no shocking surprise that this last year has been tumultuous, everyone seems to have been going through each phase of quarantine together.

There is a reason for that...

Meditating live online together. How can meditating "alone" together make such a huge impact?

Everything around us, including our own bodies is energy. We are energy, nature operates through integration.

Group meditation has actually been linked to reducing homicide rates, that's NUTS! We have such a powerful effect on those around us, whatever we believe in, spreading positivity is never a bad thing.

Studied by the Journal of Health and Environmental Research showed a 28.4% reduction in homicide when a large group meditated together!!

Ever have a day that you are just in a TERRIBLE mood and then you tell your friends and they felt the same way all day! Same goes for a great day, or the energy of a friend who is in an awesome mood just feels contagious; because it is! We are all connected, hopefully you haven't murdered anyone but apparently murderers wake up on that same energy field and when they call their murder friends they too feel the same way.

I invite you to try something, find a friend, partner, family member and sit down for 10 minutes and just meditate. Any meditation of your choosing (Breath work, chanting, guided), I guarantee you will leave this moment feeling a deeper connection to them.

Online live meditations are also a great way to increase your connection to others and yourself.

Check my page for any live events coming up!

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