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Holiday Practice

Are you worried about not being able to get to ride enough over the holiday or just feeling like you need to destress? This short practice will help keep your body and brain aligned so you can sit better in the saddle and at the holiday table.

1)Before you begin your practice I advise standing against a wall to make sure that your body is in proper alignment. Tilting your pelvis until you feel engagement in your core and obliques while keeping your shoulders back.

2) First thing on the matt hug knees into the chest to release your lower back and slowly warm up the body.

3) Happy baby: hold onto whichever part of the leg feels good and open your hip flexors to release your hip flexors and hamstrings. Move around in this one and invite the body to find stretches that feel natural and beneficial.

4) Balancing table: great for posture and body alignment.

5) I recommend any variation of forward folds: Wide-legged forward fold, keeping knees slightly bent or traditional with legs together, again keeping knees slightly bent to protect your back and hamstrings.  *Breathe deep in a forward fold and focus on long exhales, the body will feel very calm.

6) The last thing I recommend is the alternate nostril breathing, this helps bring balance to both sides of the brain and most importantly leaves us feeling very relaxed. 

**Instructions for alternate nostril breathing here** 7) The last pose after any practice is savasana where you get to lay still for a few minutes and let your body absorb the practice. 

Most importantly enjoy this time!

-Happy Holidays from GMD Training

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