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Keeping up with Practices

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

In these times keeping up with your yoga practice may seem daunting, there are some positives of this break though!

Use this time off to realign the mind and body, doing yoga and focusing on your alignment could seriously help your riding when you get back to the barn!

1) Play around with some new asanas. Maybe there are positions that feel intimidating to practice in class. Use a wall to practice a headstand or maybe a handstand!

2) Use the wall to practice alignment. Do your whole yoga flow against a wall so you can feel where your body needs to realign and engage your core by pushing your lower back towards the wall.

3) Stay in riding shape by doing some of the more tasking flows and stay flexible by using the asanas to feel long and strong!

4) Reconnect with your OWN breath. Taking no ques from teachers, where does your breath naturally wants to take you and what feels good in your body? Reverse your inhale and exhales for different asanas and see what feels good in your body.

5) Most importantly, play! Think outside of the box, feel like a kid and just be grateful for the body that you have and move your body naturally.

6) More Breathing, because that's our life force! But really, extend the breath, exaggerate the breath, no one is around. Get loud! Practice an om or 2 or 100!

GMD Training extends our healing thoughts to everyone going through a difficult time. We know that there are jobs that are in jeopardy and health that is of concern. Please try to stay active with your practice and meditate, you can only control your inner peace.

Stay healthy!

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