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Note to Self - Don't Quit

I write this on here to keep myself accountable. My number one priority is to stay authentic.

I have suffered from burnout on multiple occasions and now I am learning how to ask for help, how to surround myself with the right people. This sport can be tolling on your mental health, and it doesn't have to be that way. This can be your safe place not the place where you pick yourself apart. I hope my clients value my authenticity and share with me when they are scared or feel like quitting. We will make it.

Dear self,

You probably want to quit. You may have set your goals too high and overpromised yourself. Keep some flexibility you will get there, but set smaller achievable goals.

This journey isn't just for you this journey is for that little girl that loved ponies and ones like her; to show them that with the right horse and people around you anything is possible.

It doesn't have to happen today, take a week off. Step away from the people around you that make you feel like you have to impress them. Go see a therapist because they are AMAZING. You can't be anything for anyone else. Go for a hike. Speak with a friend that doesn't know anything about horses to get yourself back to reality.

Take back your power meditation.

I know you are strong enough.

I know you are brave enough.

And I know that you are more than capable.



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