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Should You Prepare to Meditate?


Meditation is very important to me and I get the most out of it when my mindset is right. Life is about balance.

If I haven't moved my body or given myself space to think it will be very difficult to sit still and meditate. So if you have trouble meditating, maybe try a "warm-up" just like when you ride, you don't just start cantering.

This is my routine, but find what works for you:

Wake up



Read something inspiring



For my yoga practice sometimes I do 10 minutes if it is all I can fit, sometimes I do an hour. Whatever feels good to my body and my schedule.

I try to read something inspiring on paper not on the screen, just preference.

When journaling it is important to get everything possible down. I just write my thoughts as they come, sometimes they are coherent sometimes they are gibberish. At times I have profound thoughts other times I write about the laundry I need to do. I notice that when I do this sometimes if I have negative thoughts I just put them out on the paper no judgement but then as I go without me forcing it they become more positive and direct my energy beneficially for the day ahead.

Once I have gotten every thought on paper, what I need to get done that day, everything that would possibly distract me during my meditation, sometimes I will sit for the meditation and if there is still more I know I haven't written enough and I will go back to the paper.

After all of that my meditation practice is similar to my yoga. Whatever I can do that won't stress me for my schedule but at least 10 minutes.

I have been listening to meditation minis on Spotify, I also have some rider-specific ones on this site. Find something that works for you, maybe you don't like guided, you like quiet. Play around with it, you don't have to stick with one thing.

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