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Step Back Into Your Power Meditation

Finding a comfortable position, spine straight. This can be done in a chair with feet firmly planted on the ground, sitting cross legged on the ground, standing, or lying down.

Begin by breathing slowly in and out of the nose. Try counting the breath in for 4 and out for 7, or find numbers that work best for you.

Repeat this as long as you need until you are in a place of stillness within your body. Feel your body rooted, notice what you are feeling and where you are feeling it.

Now imagine a strong rod going down your center. It is making you magnetic. Now envision all of the energy you send out to the world, worrying about everyone else, what they think, what you need to do. Envision this energy in a cloud around you, a fuzzy cloud. Now envision this energy getting pulled into the magnet and coming back into you. Placing your energy back towards yourself making you feel stronger and more centered.

You feel powerful.

Repeating the affirmation.

I am power. I am power. I am power.

Repeat for as long as you need until you feel completely centered.

Now from this centered place remember your why. What do you envision for YOURSELF? It is important to note that this is your true essence. This is not manipulated by what you think you should do. Feel into your body, where is this desire coming from?

Now release this whole exercise. Continue to breathe calmly in and out through the nose. Know that the Universe is providing you everything you need, you just need to continue to make decisions from this centered place. Come back to this place whenever you need to find your center.

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