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Three Golden Rules For My Ride

After reading Every Moment Matters by John O'Sullivan I was inspired to change my coaching and my riding.

I realize that every time we ride we are on a team. Whether you ride on a team or "solo" your number one team member is always your horse.

In order to create an ideal team you must build that relationship and trust. I have completely redefined my idea of success and feel so much more inspired after every ride because of it.

I no longer look for these large movements and crazy improvement, I just need to improve 1% everyday and that doesn't even need to be physical, if I can improve my bond 1% everyday that is a huge WIN.

I share in my most recent podcast a story about working with an old school master. After spending just 10 more minutes on our relationship that day, we were schooling well above what we were performing just a few days prior. That isn't a "quick fix" promise and not every result will be the same but by backing off and allowing him to help create the ride it was amazing!! Find Podcast Here

I also realized after my 9 months off from burn out that I needed to come back to the sport and approach it much differently mentally and here I share all the ways I do that. In this blog we talk about the 3 rules I live by to come off feeling inspired and not defeated. After all this is a mental game!

My rules:

1) My horse's mental and physical safety comes first. Trust is my priority.

2) I am present and focused.

3) I find a moment of joy in every session and end on a good note.

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