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Visualization for Success

Let us pick a story for our brains to believe in. An amazing way to shift our brain is visualization. The brain cannot distinguish between imagination and reality so this tool is very powerful in setting healthy habits.


Close your eyes and pick a goal that you have. Maybe improving your self-worth as a rider, improving your confidence. Whatever it may be. Envision this in your mind with as much detail as you can, maybe even hold your hands as if you are riding (Does not even have to be horse-related).

Have a very specific picture of what this may be. Maybe you treat yourself differently, you see yourself riding more, eating healthier, taking better care of yourself. How do you act in this vision? Are you asking more questions confidently? Applying yourself more? Speaking about your goals more? Shining brighter? Sitting taller? Leaving negative people and trainers behind? Becoming more open to learning and less defensive because you have a calm confidence that stems from within?


Truly feel the positive emotions that you would feel in this vision. Feel that happiness, feel how proud you are, truly feel good about yourself. You have to feel this throughout your body (Physical body affirmations) Feel the joy from the inside out. Picture all of the things in and out of the saddle that would change with this confidence. What would it feel like to have a calm mind?

Watch this to inspire:

Youtube: The No. 1 Habit Billionaires Run Daily: Mel Robbins

Now move forward as if you already are that person, take actions like the person you are visualizing would. Because that is already you, you are enough, you’ve always been enough. Visualize the actions of success and then enact them.

A lot of decisions we make throughout the day are unconscious so don’t get upset when you make a decision out of alignment with your vision. Simply notice it, breathe, and ask yourself what triggered it, take that mental note, make a positive plan, and then let it go and move forward.

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