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GMD Horse Training

Heal with Horses

Horsemanship with a focus on human energy.

Horses are the best mirror of our nervous systems,

learn about horses and how they communicate but more importantly learn about yourself.

Serving New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Will travel across the US. 


Horsemanship with a focus on human energy.


Take a deep dive into your body position and how it affects your horse's balance, mindset, and movement. In these lessons, we combine classical training with mindfulness and rider biomechanics. Use rider biomechanics bands to really feel the difference!

These sessions are designed to create a stronger relationship with your horse, while also bringing in more joy and skilled riding.


These sessions are designed to use the horse as our mirror. This is deep inner healing. Learning about horsemanship and the way horses communicate to better understand ourselves. No horse experience is necessary. 

Use your own horse, or use one of our amazing rescue horses. If you use a rescue horse, 20% of the profits go to the rescue. Located in Allentown NJ.


1 hour sessions.

Encouraged to do weekly, but not necessary.


Combining the mindfulness and body alignment session into either a clinic or workshop setting. Biomechanic bands, yoga classes, and much more. 

Click on email above to get more information. 

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