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Please note there is no requirement to purchase in order to work together. Will work with whatever saddle you have, and will always direct you towards the best saddle for you and your horse even if we do not carry it. We carry the following brands because we love them!

Custom Saddles

Aviar Saddles

DP Saddles

Specialized Saddles

TW Saddles

Bates Saddles

Arena Saddles

Saddle Fitting

After years of teaching horse and rider biomechanics through "Yoga for Every Equestrian" Gabrielle, owner of GMD Training, decided to become a certified saddle fitter because of the drastic difference a properly fitting saddle makes. 

The mission for saddle fitting is exactly that for her teaching, do what is best for horse and rider. 

We find the best saddle for you, or work with your preexisting saddles.


Teacher and fitter, educating is very important to us.  


Welcome to GMD Training

At GMD Training, we believe in honesty, integrity, knowledge, attention to detail, and always putting the horse first. Our dedicated team is committed to staying independent and ensuring that you and your horse are comfortable. You don't need to buy a saddle through us to work with us. We assess each fit for each individual, providing personalized solutions for you and your horse.

We work with Western and English Saddles 

Every saddle that comes to us on consignment is inspected and approved by a certified saddle fitter. 

We carry more saddles than we have time to post, so reach out if you are looking for something specific. 

Every saddle brand we carry we truly believe in, we believe in their mission and their saddles.

Honesty above all, we will always direct you to the best saddle for you even if we do not carry it. 

Brands we carry:

Custom Saddlery

Aviar Saddlery

DP Saddlery 

Specialized Saddlery 

TW Saddlery


Local to PA, servicing all over the US. 


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