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Services Provided


Private Mindfulness

Workshops for the Whole Barn

Curious about the "Equestrian Intention" program?

Learn more about being present and mindful in the saddle. Learning how to direct and use your energy to better connect with the horse.

Online Workshop Series

More educational online opportunities will be coming soon! Check out my website for more information.

Meditation Classes:
Group or Private

For riders and non-riders. Do this with your equine partner or just for yourself.

Equine Facilitated Mindfulness

Use the healing powers of horses to heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction. Bringing horses into the practice teaches us so much more about ourselves! 

Restorative Yoga Classes:
Group or Private

This class is for everyone. Restorative yoga is a great way to restore the nervous system and help the body find its state of homeostasis, plus it just feels really damn good.

Customized Visualization Videos 

If you can dream it, I can create it. These videos will help you accomplish anything you are working towards as motivation to manifest.

Mindfulness Coaching

Weekly service

Combine all the services & learn the skills to live intentionally and mindfully both on and off the horse.

Other Resources: 

- Podcast: Rolling My Third Eye

- Yoga for Every Equestrian Book (will be getting rewritten soon, so stay tuned)

- Equestrian Intention Journal: Coming soon!

- Grief journals: Available on the website now

All services can be provided in person or virtually

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