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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

What is Equine Mindfulness for Kids? 

What we focus on at GMD Training. 

Horses have so much to offer. They are incredible animals with an incredible effect on our nervous system, developing compassion, boundaries, communication, body awareness, the list goes on.

Just being around them creates such a special feeling. 

Ask anyone with a horse and most often they will say, my horse loves kids! It is true they really do, they innately know to be gentle when they are around children, to be patient, our lesson horses are truly a gift. 

What does a semester look like? 

A semester will be filled with mindful horse guided activities. 

- Brushing the horses

- Team building activities with the horses

- Some light riding

- Meditation

- Yoga 

- Reading/ Journaling

- Body awareness exercises 

- Learning about horse things as we go. It is inevitable for wonderful learning opportunities to pop up when working around horses. 

- Laughter, fun, and kindness

Meet your Instructor Gabby

Gabrielle Diakon is an author, horse trainer, healer, lifelong learner and founder of, an equine program dedicated to mindful empowerment. Hosting "Heal with Horses" Events, Gabrielle coaches others on using mindfulness to improve their lives. 

Gabrielle graduated with a bachelors in finance knowing that was not the path for her. she opened a very successful riding program in Florida teaching hunter/jumpers to all levels, she chose to leave that business to go home to be with her Mom when she was sick. That is when she totally regrouped and realized there was so much more to horses than riding. 

She went on to get certifications in yoga, meditation, breathwork, and somatic healing. Gabrielle is always looking to expand her practice, and knows that the horse is such a powerful animal to help with healing. 

All while cracking jokes along the way! Get to know her with a consultation!  

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