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10 Minutes Can Change Your Day

Roll out your yoga mat, journal and a pen.

Some of my best thoughts come to me while I am practicing on my mat, instead of pushing them out I take this time to write them down. I like to do this as a great way to start my day, but if I can't do it in the morning I just add it where I can.

I start by sitting down and visualizing my goals. I picture what it would feel like, look like, where I am, everything to make it as real as possible. There is a lot of science behind visualization, and the brain gains confidence from visualizing things that make us happy. I don't force this, I let my mind be clear, and if it isn't coming that day, then I picture happiness, or I smile.

Below is a great video on visualization by Mel Robbins

After that, I meditate. Depending on how much time I have, determines how long I meditate. I do not force anything in this exercise; this is not supposed to be a punishment; I allow myself this time, it is a gift to myself.

Once I have meditated, I begin my yoga flow; I am purposely not giving too many instructions because I have found that doing whatever my body is telling me to do has genuinely benefited my practice. I do not stress the intensity of this practice; this is more for my state of mind.

I allow my breath to guide my yoga practice, if it is hard for you to think of poses 5 sun salutations are a great way to begin. In between them, whenever I have a thought, I write it down in my journal.

Writing thoughts down is a great way to leave your fear-based thoughts behind and allow your practice to move that energy away. I have written things that gave me a lot of insight to myself at that time.

I try to stay here for about 10 minutes; I do not force myself to stay or to leave; this is something that is truly about your individual needs. Somedays I stay longer than others, do not force it, this should be enjoyable.

After I finish either in savasana (corpse pose) or by meditating, this does not take the place of my regular yoga practice, however, if this is all that you can fit then so be it. Yoga is about improving your life and mental health, not stressing about it.

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