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I am Not Good Enough- Equestrians

We all have a story that we tell ourselves. Some positive, some negative.

Can we question those negative stories? Can we hold space for the possibility of others? This work is adapted from Byron Katie. Highly recommend listening to her or looking her up.

The most common story I hear in my own mind and what my students share that they feel the most often is:

Not being good enough.

So how would we take this story and make room for another one? This work does not say that we need to get rid of it but just entertain the opposite.

First, we ask ourselves: Is it true? Am I really not good enough?

It may feel true but is it actually without a doubt true? Can you know for sure?

No, you can't know anything true for sure. You may have past stories that you feel back it up, but you can never know anything to be absolutely true.

Let's take the opposite story and sit with it.

I am good enough.

Can you provide some examples in your mind of how this is true? It may be hard at first but I know you have a couple to pick from.

Now let's pretend that I have a magic wand just for this moment and I took away the belief that you are not good enough. How does that feel in the body? Do you feel space? What would you do coming from this space?

A lot of times I speak with riders that feel like they have to be perfect to be "good enough", this is so far from the truth. The best riders are those willing to continue to learn and grow. Nobody is perfect. Are you worthy of learning? Absolutely. Are you worthy of riding and being with horses? Absolutely.

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