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Equestrian Meditation

Meditation for Equestrians Before You Ride

Place one hand on the belly.

Breathe in deeply.

Hold at the top.

Exhale and sigh it out through the mouth.

Check in with the body, how is it feeling?

How are you feeling?

Scan all the way to the toes,

The legs,

The abdomen,

The chest,

The head.

(Sometimes it helps to envision a warm light as you scan)

Feel grounded through the feet to the earth.

Allow the mind to center here.

Invite in a calm compassionate mind and bring that energy to your horse.

Move forward with openness and presence.

While you ride: Bring yourself into each moment,

and when the mind wanders,

simply bring it back to the breath.

Every ride is different, that is the beauty!

“Enjoy the ride”





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