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A Universal Breath

While the world is taking one collective breath together use this time to re-center your mind, balance your body, and re-focus your goals. My thoughts go out to those that are sick or have a sick loved one, but if you are healthy, begin with gratitude right there.

Ways to use this time to better your mind and spirit:

1) Focus on good news. Do not watch the news, you know what is going on, someone will update you if necessary but filling your mind with fear will only weaken the immune system. Watch your favorite comedian instead, keep your humor, or nows a good time to find some!

2) Create a morning routine that makes you feel inspired and happy.

Whatever makes you feel happy and accomplished. Mine is as follows (You may choose something completely different, whatever makes you feel good).

1) Yoga- first thing. (There are so many amazing yoga teachers putting out free classes now is a great time to jump in!) If I just roll right out of bed and don't let myself think about excuses.

*Insert coffee or hot tea with coconut oil*

3) Morning routine, get ready, shower, "begin my day" get dressed.

3) Read just one page of something inspiring, right now that is "A Course in Miracles". Got that from @Melissahealthwood.

4) Visualize for 10 minutes, I write this down, some just visualize in the mind's eye.

5) Breakfast and begin working- I always have a list set from the night before of what I would like to get accomplished. (Today was this article).

3) Get moving mindfully!

Take a walk in nature, do yoga, just move your body in a way that feels amazing!

4) Reset your diet.

Now that it is harder to run to some fast food place; stock your cabinets with fresh fruit and veggies. Prepare anti-inflammatory meals and start seeing what feels good for your body. Do the research and pick what is right for you.

5) Read.

Books, print inspiring articles, get lost in a fiction book. Grow your mind.

6)Get clear with your goals, take time to reflect on what is important to you.

7) Pick a new hobby, learn something new. Coursera is a great place to take online classes for free.

8) Do anything that makes you feel inspired and well-rested for when the world opens back up.

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