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Alternate Nostril Breathing Benefits

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Left Nostril Breathing:

*Helps reduce anxiety and nervousness. Takes you out of an overly analytical state to a more creative right- brain space. This will greatly aid in keeping you calm and focused during your ride. Block the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand, and take twenty-six long, deep breaths through the left nostril.

Right Nostril Breathing:

*Energize, revitalize, and focus. We all know that on show days we're up for long hours and run on coffee; coffee makes us jittery and our horses can feel those nerves, so instead of the coffee try this breathing exercise.

Block the left nostril with the thumb of the right hand, and take twenty-six, deep breaths through the right nostril.

Alternating Nostril Breathing:

Breathing in with both nostrils first, then, blocking right nostril, exhale through left, then inhale. Rotate, hold left nostril shut and exhale through right then inhale. Continuing to rotate nostrils on the exhale.


How does this work?

Calms you down through distraction and a sense of control. It affects the nervous system by giving equal oxygen to the brain and slowing down your breath.

The Benefits of This Breathing Technique:

1)It helps focus the mind.

2) It lowers stress and improves cardiovascular function.

3)It improves lung function and respiratory endurance.

4)It lowers the heart rate.

5) It promotes overall well-being.

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