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Busy Being Content

Sitting in the smelly dog park, with my adorable puppy, sweating in the 90 degree weather, sipping my hot coffee. It hit me, that feeling of pure contentedness. I sat there with a smile on my face knowing that the bench I was sitting on could be taken, the coffee which I love, could all be taken and I would still be sitting there; content.

Why? Because we are already whole. Maybe it was the yoga nidra I guided the night prior or the beautiful yoga class I took the morning of. Whatever it was, that moment struck. And I realized that I was entitled to this moment at any moment.

We say it all the time "Be present" "Be grateful" and the journals they are amazing, I am a huge fan of them, they tell our brains to start programming that way. But sometimes even without the journal, or the yoga, you are entitled to sit where you are and just be content. You didn't have to accomplish some huge feat, you can just sit in your smelly dog park and smile.

I invite you to put a signature on your email, on your office door, or wherever and give yourself 15 minutes to be content wherever you are. It doesn't have to be somewhere fancy, this is life and we are allowed to be.

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