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Creating Goals

We all speak about accomplishing goals, but what about actually creating the right goals for you?

This is not often spoken about in the Equestrian community but are you following your goals or someone else's'? Do you see your trainer's "success" and think that is the success you want? What is the success that is personal to you?

Creating goals that are in line with your true self is extremely important to stay focused and confident. There are so many disciplines, so many ideas of what is "right" and so many things to do with horses. If you are not happy with what you are doing but know that you have an undying love of the horse it may be time to start exploring.

As long as the horse is well cared for and happy anything goes! Just like horses excel at certain disciplines over others, so do humans. You may gravitate to one discipline more than another and that is perfectly fine, but you have to find out. Don't let the pressure of what riders around you are doing mold your goals and ambition.

Get creative and feel inspired by your own journey!

Here is a meditation to help you while planning your goals.

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