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Fun Facts: Breathing

Nerd out with the breath out

  1. Breathing is the only thing we do consciously and unconsciously, but we can build better habits with it consciously.

  2. Ancient yogis believe that the number of breaths we take in a lifespan control how long we live, less breathing more living.

  3. Our mood controls our breath and our breath controls our mood.

  4. Breathing through the mouth actually gets us less fulfilled, it is important to breathe through the nose.

  5. Breathing through the nose creates:

    1. Weight loss

    2. Relaxes the body

    3. Improves cognitive function

    4. Increases our sexual functioning

    5. Increases blood flow EVERYWHERE

    6. Lowers blood pressure

6. We lose weight when we exhale not when we pee (IDK why I always thought that).

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