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Meditation Will Change Your Ride

Meditation is a very strong practice of doing NOTHING, how wonderful does that sound?

Remember those rides where everything just seems to fit? You're not nervous, you're calm, your horse is happy and it just clicks? Well, let's increase the odds of that ride!

Meditation benefits:

1)More present in the saddle and with your horse.

2) Fear response in the saddle is reduced.

3) It improves focus and memory. So while you are cantering up to that big jump, trotting in the show ring, or walking on a trail your mind is clear and you can remember all of those wonderful things your trainer has taught you.

4) It helps with decision making; this is a big one. As riders, we have to make split-second decisions and hopefully, they are right. Then when they're not you can be in a calm peaceful state about it instead of beating yourself up!!

5) Encourages compassion, with ourselves and our equine partner.

6) Reduces aches and pains so you can stay fit in the saddle.

Meditation has many more benefits that improve our lives overall and when we are happy in our personal life riding is so much more enjoyable for us and our horses. So start doing NOTHING for a few minutes a day.

The following breathing exercise is a great way to get centered and in the mindset of meditation.

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